Our Products

With over 150 grades of reprocessed textile waste and by-products, the chances are good Leigh already has one that's right for your application. If not, we'll be glad to develop a blend with the fiber content, fiber length, and color you need. All of the highest quality, of course.
Leigh processes a significant amount of synthetic and artificial fibers today as it does natural fibers, resulting in more blends to suit more applications. Some of the most common we offer are listed here; those with special properties (e.g., flame retardant) can be found under Reprocessed Technical Fibers.
SafeLeigh™ FR (flame-retardant) shoddy is a high-quality fiber that can aid in meeting automotive performance and fire-retardant standards while helping you meet sustainability goals.

SafeLeigh™ is custom-blended of 100% recycled materials, primarily fire-retardant aramids. It’s a proven product that helps you meet requirements for flame retardancy without the expense (or drying time) of chemicals.

While scrap and waste are primary elements in Leigh's reprocessed products, we use many other sources. The following by-products of textile processing all have properties that add value in the right application.
Leigh offers a range of technical and specialty fibers designed to be used in a variety of high-intensity applications. From providing components to meet fire retardancy standards to processing high strength fibers, Leigh can help you to meet the requirements of your industry.
At Leigh we're proud to do a shoddy job! Shoddy is a term for a blend of opened fibers that can be designed to meet almost any specification. This blend could include virgin or waste material and synthetic or natural fibers.
Discarded carpeting accounts for some 6% of all landfill content, and carpet reprocessing (post-consumer and post-industrial) is a growing focus for Leigh. Our process includes agglomeration and machining into fibers for garneting. This produces a substantial volume of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6 that can then be used in the manufacture of other products, as well as polypropylene and polyester.
Considering the high volume of plastic products and packaging — and the waste they generate — it should be no surprise that Leigh diverts significant volumes of plastics from landfills, as well as fibers. We reprocess both post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste, in a variety of forms.
Leigh Fibers has been supplying the auto industry with high-quality materials for interior and underhood applications for over 60 years. We specialize in environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, reprocessed textiles.