About Us

Leigh is one of the world's largest, most experienced suppliers of reprocessed and raw fibers. We provide exactly what our customers need, when they need it — in a manner that helps preserve the earth's resources for future generations.

about us

A pioneer in textile reprocessing for nearly 100 years, Leigh adds value to a wide range of post-industrial and post-consumer waste. This not only provides our customers the most cost-effective solutions possible, but diverts tons of waste from landfills. We serve manufacturers and processors in many markets and many countries, assuring all of the consistent quality and secure supply chain that are vital to their success.

One of Leigh's greatest strengths is tailoring solutions to customer specifications. The people and processes in our one-million-square-foot facility in South Carolina are second to none, and have earned the industry's only ISO-9001:2008 certification. 

And our operations are as earth-friendly as we can make them, continually reducing both energy consumption and landfill contributions. At Leigh, waste reduction is not just a business… it's how we DO business.